Founded in 1933 by Mr. Henri Valkaert and Mrs. Maria Verbert. It is now the third generation that takes the tradition in gastronomy and pampering guests upon them.In origin the founders started out with a café and idyllic garden, wich later was converted in a playground for children. After a few years the menu was enlarged and a guesthouse was opened.Located in the centre of the residential Edegem opposite from the church Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-van-Lourdes, since 2009 officialy a “Basiliek”. With both their sons Jozef and a few years later Guido with their spouses the expansion into catering had begun. Due to the increasing number of customers, the playground had to make place for a big room to cater parties and on top of this 10 new hotelrooms.The famous grotto, a copy of Lourdes grotto, next to the church attracted lot’s of pelgrims to Edegem and to the many café’s in the Hovestraat of wich only “ De Basiliek” remains. At the end of the seventies it was time for the third generation of the Family Valkaert to step in. Marc, Eric, Walter and Robert are trying their best, until this day, to serve and pamper guest and clients.In 1980 the construction of a new establishment started, in the Trooststraat at the location of the former warehouse and kitchen for catering.The hotel with 20 spacious hotel rooms, 3 big rooms for parties and a large foyer had it’s grand opening in 1983.De Basiliek is close by all the main roads into Antwerp and only a few km from the E19 and A12. At our 2 locations you can enjoy culinary feasts from full size banquet, receptions to bussinesmeetings or a stay in our hotel. We’ll gladely be at your service and hope we can help you turning your celebration,  party or stay into a success.With kind regards,Eric Valkaert